Where Buddhas Apply Their Minds

Where Buddhas Apply Their Minds

Tetsugan Sensei and I had thought we might work this gem from Dahui’s Shobogenzo into a Sunday dharma talk on the Awakening of Mahayana Faith.

It seemed like too much, though, so I'll share it with you here.

[520] National Teacher Wuye said to some disciples,

“The essence of your perception and cognition is the same age as space, unborn and undying. All objects are fundamentally empty and quiescent; there is not a single thing that can be grasped.

"The deluded do not understand, so they are confused by objects; once they are confused by objects, they go around in circles endlessly. You should know that the essence of mind is originally there of itself, not based on constructs. Like a diamond, it cannot be broken down.

"All phenomena are like reflections, like echoes; none have real substance.

"Therefore scripture says, ‘Only this one thing is true; any other is not real.’

"If you understand all is empty, there isn’t a single thing affecting you. This is where the Buddhas apply their minds; you should practice it diligently.”