Real Wild Fox

I was up early this morning, working on another go-round of edits for my forthcoming book (which might be out later this year - earlier than I first thought), Going Through the Mystery's One Hundred Questions, and specifically on aligning the translations of the Wild Fox Koan across the text. At about 6am I went to do zazen and looked out the back of the Neyaashi Zen Hermitage and there by the lilacs was a real wild fox. After what you can see in the video, a second wild fox appeared and the two played with each other in the little meadow, leaping up and over the grasses and pouncing on the other, back and forth for several minutes. I could mostly just see one of them in mid leap as they lingered a bit in mid air before disappearing into the grasses. A few times, though, they got close enough to the edge of the meadow so I could see them both - a wonderful dharma display. Five hundred lives as a fox - no problem.