One Track Zen Conversation at SparkZen!

One Track Zen
Listen now (48 min) | A Conversation with Dosho Port Roshi

Here's a podcast, a conversation with Heather Shoren Iarusso, a longtime priest in the San Francisco Zen Center system. She's now the coordinator for their online program. I had a lot of fun talking with her and hope you also enjoy the conversation. Here's how Shoren describes it:

In this podcast, Dosho and I discuss his teaching of “one track Zen:” his weaving together the Rinzai tradition of koan introspection with the Soto school’s focus on “just sitting.” Dosho emphasizes the importance of both traditions for householder and monastic practice. This “one-track Zen” harkens back to 18th century Soto Zen reformer Menzan Zuiho (1683-1789) who helped revitalize the tradition by focusing on Dogen’s teachings on meditation and monasticism.

And here's how Shoren describes her SparkZen: SparkZen is a labor of love fueled by a deep aspiration that all beings may know peace. To receive new posts and support this work, please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Peace.