Soto and Rinzai Zen: One School or Two?

Soto and Rinai Zen: One School or Two?
Going Through the Mystery’s One Hundred Questions My next book is cooking along and at this point it looks like it will be available in the late Fall. The

This post has a brief update on my forthcoming book, Going Through the Mystery's One Hundred Questions, and then I share some bits and pieces that didn't make the final cut for the geeky intro. They were even too geeky!

It includes Wansong's first awakening (that's still in the book) and then some of the background about the Soto and Rinzai lineages that led to them being very, very similar by the time Zen hopped the sea to Japan - more differences within than between. This sets up my next post (coming next week, I think), "Soto Zen's Dirty Little Secret."